Garth Fletcher

Professor & Head of SchoolGarthPhoto
Victoria University of Wellington

Welcome to my research website.

My theoretical and research interests are tied to one central theme — the understanding of lay social theories, or knowledge structures, and how these are causally related to cognition, emotion, and interpersonal behaviour. Current specific research interests include bias and accuracy of social perceptions in relationship settings, communication and cognition in intimate relationships, and social judgments (and sex differences) in the early stages of mate selection.

I primarily take an experimental social psychological approach, focusing on the interface between social cognition and close relationship processes. However, I am increasingly adopting an interdisciplinary perspective, paying particular attention to evolutionary psychology. Work in intimate relationships is becoming an interdisciplinary field with evidence that research and theory from cognitive, developmental, evolutionary psychology, and anthropology are beginning to coalesce into a genuine science of intimate relationships.

I have published 100 articles, books, and book chapters. This website contains many of my publications, scales that I have developed, and information about my textbook.